About Us


We are dedicated to delivering the ultimate client experience through highly skilled professionals and cutting-edge products. We believe in providing personalized experiences making you look and feel amazing. We want you to be your best self, we want you to live your best life.


To become the one-stop beauty destination for women who want to look and feel incredible. We want to empower women by making them look and feel amazing.

We are committed to developing our team’s passion and to encourage them to become a better version of themselves every day. We will help them achieve their dream.

We are more than just hair and beauty; we are a haven where highly skilled professionals meet outstanding customer service. We bring out the best in every woman so she can live her best life.



At 91 Beauty Salon we put others’ needs above our own and we take responsibility for our own actions. We value honesty, as honesty encourages open communication and leads to effective relationships within the organisation. We do the right thing, even when nobody’s watching.


Passion is the fuel that inspires and drives us. Passion leads to mastery and success.


91 Beauty Salon employees have the interests of the team at heart and work for the good of the team. Together we are stronger!

Value Teamwork: Approach problems with a “we over me” mentality. Because together we are stronger!


At 91 Beauty Salon we admire people as a result of their abilities, qualities and achievements. We value and recognise the hard work of the team.

We respect our clients and develop ongoing relationships with each of them.


Our people are our greatest asset; hence why ongoing employee development is key at 91 Beauty Salon. Through training, we will help deliver outstanding customer service and enhance creativity.

Come Say HELLO!

Whatever your beauty needs, pop in and say hello – we’ve always got a drink waiting for you!

General Enquiries

E: info@91beautysalon.com
T: +971 58 560 9122


91 Beauty Salon,
Unit 4, The Wings,
Arjan, Al Barsha